Working with our partners, we revitalise cities through substantial regeneration and place making. Every one of our developments is curated to initiate urban regeneration and transform the way people use and experience places.

We’re passionate about pioneering design and creating environments in a variety of sectors. Our mixed-use development experience has given us insight into how we want to live providing us with the experience and knowledge to design for the future regenerating for tomorrow’s generations producing vibrant hubs for employment, retail, leisure, entertainment and living.

Our approach to development provides a platform for economic growth balancing our expertise with our combined ambitions and visions for the cities where we operate. Reef are proud and fortunate to work with our partners delivering on all our behalf.

Creating best in class destinations utilising employment, leisure, retail and living to infuse areas bringing vitality and vibrancy.

As a private property development and investment company, our ultimate focus is implementing urban regeneration to deliver innovative places. All of our developments are crafted to create a sense of community and environment that brings quality to people’s lives, which in turn enhances asset value.

Our specialisms are cross sector ranging from retail, residential, mixed use, hotel, leisure and office to sub-sectors such as student housing and care homes.

We deliver our developments effectively and efficiently with end-to-end management and a unique approach to planning through forming relationships within councils and relevant stakeholders. Our expertise extends to and includes procurement, programming, cost analysis, construction and final delivery, which is underpinned by our in-house design and project management team, Urban Reef.


We are passionate about pioneering design. Every one of our projects is curated to initiate urban regeneration and transform the way people use and experience spaces. Fully integrated with our commercial team all projects are developed at inception by our in-house design studio UrbanR.

Collaboration sits at the heart of each scheme is then built upon a unique team selected from our established network of design, economic and property partners. Leveraging good design to create places that power a positive and lasting impact on people is at the central to every one of our places.


We build our designs, creating best in class destinations for employment, living, leisure and wellbeing.

Successful partnerships are at the core of realising transformative regeneration and we have an unrivalled set of Local Authority partnerships allowing us to create the biggest difference where it is needed the most.

All our partnerships are supported by our efficient end-to-end management including programming, cost analysis, procurement, construction and leasing.


We are invested in and committed to our places, operating many of our projects is essential to their success.

Everything we learn whether about design, economics or social productivity is reinvested into our future projects allowing us to continually test ideas and improve the spaces people inhabit.

We firmly believe that the very best places can only be created by those who live and breathe them every day.

Using good design to create places that have a positive and lasting impact on people is at the heart of every one of our developments.