Hartfield Rd, Wimbledon

Business and leisure accommodation for today's traveller

Business and leisure accommodation for today


Working within the constraints of a tight urban site with multiple land ownerships Reef Group have gained consent for the development of a new 177 bedroom hotel and two new restaurants 100 meters from Wimbledon station in south London.

Reef Group achieved consent for the building through careful dialogue with the local planning authority and a sensitive approach to the facade and roof treatment. This approach saw the creation of a large contemporary building with an active ground floor frontage that contributes positively to the streetscape.

Development of a 177 bedroom hotel and 2 premium restaurant units, in this highly sort area Borough of London.

A prime location, only 100 metres from Wimbledon Station, just off the Broadway and walking distance to Wimbledon Village.

Hotel and retail in the heart of Wimbledon.